A28 & CW - Pop Up

During days of Berlin Fashion Week from July 2hd - 4th Endayz Berlin will host Barcelona based brands Antidoto28 and Cosmic Warriors for a Pop Up event.

Antidoto28 and Cosmic Warrior are visiting Berlín and they have a bunch of cool stuff to show and sell 🙌🙌
So everyone is invited to join us for music, street fashion or maybe just a drink 🍸🍸🍸
stop by, say hi :)

Antidoto28 clothes represent an alternative for a restless youth who wants to stand out from the rest, creating their own identity.
With a futuristic and post-industrial aesthetic in which gothic, punk and raver reminiscences are combined.

Cosmic warrior is a project that has its bases in the costume design for stage performers. This is a feature very present in all collections since the creation of the project back in 2012. Very eclectic and unique in every piece, always featuring color, texture and sparkle as a common denominator that very well define CWs style. 
Always welcoming non conventional material challenges CW is the perfect brand for those who wanna stand out or simply feel unique, since all our pieces are hand made in very small number of items.